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  • Driver Accountability:  You now have a way to verify customer pickup and delivery times. This offers you a reliable way to tracking their progress and protects them (and you!) against customer complaints.  Further, there won’t be anymore “gray area” when an employee or customer disputes pickup and delivery times with gps tracking.

  • Customer Service: GPS Tracking gives your customers benefits from fewer delays in pickup and arrival time, and you will benefit from detailed electronic billing information.

Use digital GPS Tracking to see where your vehicles are every minute on your PC screen. Get instant alerts on your email or phone. Set Geofences, speed limits and more. Lower your fuel costs and increase productivity.  Our easy-to-use web interface let’s managers have all their critical fleet information with the click of the mouse.  Companies realize an ROI within weeks of using the system simply by the positive change in driver behavior.  Other uses and benefits included:

  • Monitor Gas Cards / Gas Purchases:  Let's face the facts--as the price of fuel continues to raise, it will become an expensive part of the business, and some employees try to cut corners and cut money out of your bottom line. Can you afford even one employee stealing $20 in fuel every week ($1040/year) from your gas account? That's $1040 you could put in your own gas tank! This is another area where questionable purchases can be tracked and verified with our easy-to-use GPS tracking software. These are just a few of the ways your customers, your employees and you will benefit from gps tracking.

  • Excessive idle times
  • Poor driver routing
  • Personal or unauthorized vehicle use
  • Late start to workdays or excessive lunch breaks
  • Gasoline theft


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“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Nothing is more true than when discussing a business with vehicles to manage.  Maintenance, inefficiencies and liability issues come in many forms including:

How GPS Tracking Can Help Your Company 

  • Dispatch:  The system allows you to see where your drivers are and dispatch them to more jobs without the cost of more vehicles. Routing becomes easier and more efficient. The advantages to your dispatching are valuable and immediate with gps tracking.

Why track your Vehicles?

  • Routing of Drives
  • The Exact time of pickup and delivery of customers
  • Speeding and unsafe driving practices
  • Theft of company assets
  • Liability risk 

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