Whether you are a small, medium or large business, Axiom GPS vehicle tracking system technology is a cost effective and efficient way to take control of your fleet expenses, giving you the advanced monitoring gps tracking devices to optimize your fleet and assets, lower cost, improve productivity and enhance customer service.

Meeting your customer needs is the key to long term business success. Knowing where your fleet is with real time GPS Tracking, gives you the ability to meet those needs by dispatch the closets available vehicle. Satisfied passengers and customers will recommend your business to friends and associates. You can view instant trip replays with breadcrumb trails to improve routing. Use electronic reports for driver behavior, activity, events, idle time, stop reports, current position, speeding, verifying work schedule, and more.

  • Faster response to your customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction.
  • Vehicle and Driver Management can help cut vehicle costs and overtime.
  • Simplify and maximize your scheduling, and dispatching procedures
  • Improve your invoicing and provide proof of service with electronic record keeping.
  • Improved fuel saving by reducing idle time and improving routing.
  • Help limit Liability with speed and location reports on demand or scheduled in PDF and Excel.
  • Effectively Manage your Mobile Workforce and assets from anywhere with a iPad, iPhone or other smart device.
  • Protecting important assets from theft: vehicles, trailers, equipment, tools, pumps and generators.
  • Preventative Maintenance

As a business owner you need to stay in touch with the every day working of your business. Axiom gives you the freedom to conduct meetings, travel and vacation or be sick at home, and still enjoy managing your fleet and assets remotely. Our easy to use portal allows instant access via iPad, iPhone or other smart device, when you are away from the office. Axiom portal software gives you the same access on a remote platform. You can manage vehicle location, routing, dispatching and idle time, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day from any location with a web connection for you GPS Tracking.

Mobile Access 

Axiom is Locally Owned, Operated and Supported 

Accupoint, Axiom’s parent company has been in business since 1986. Axiom is locally owned and operated by Alaskans. Support in Alaska is a concern. Axiom has people on the ground, here in Alaska, to support you, your people and business. Whether it is training or equipment, Axiom will support you in all you GPS Tracking needs. 


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Improve Customer Service 

Manage you Fleet 

Benefits of GPS tracking

Vehicle Tracking System

Use real time analyzes to control fuel costs and avoid wasteful idling, and improve delivery time. Use reports to optimize scheduling and routing needs while improving driver productivity and customer service. Identify opportunities for improvement in fleet cost savings and performance. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, Axiom fleet management is a cost effective and efficient way to take control your fleet expenses, enhance customer service and profitable. If it moves, you can track it. While being easy to use, Axiom gives you, control of your fleet’s performance with GPS Tracking.

Manage Your Fleet and Increases Control over Your Business